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Luis Ramalho defended sucessfully his master degree in Informatics on Nov 7th, 2018.
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Uso de Processadores Gráficos para Simulações baseadas em Agentes

Nuno Fachada
Agostinho Rosa

Agent-based modelling is a programming and simulation paradigm. It is a bottom-up approach where
interacting agents are its basic building blocks. However, ABMs must undergo a process of independent implementation and verification to achieve credibility, where different replications of an ABM should provide similar
statistical results. Yet the reality is quite different and too often we observe many replications of a given model
presenting wildly different results. This may happen because ABMs are very sensitive to implementation details,
and the lack of a complete and formal model description often leaves researchers with the burden of creating
implementations based on personal interpretations of the model.
In this work we provide a complete description of the Heatbugs model based on its NetLogo implementation.
To accomplish this, we use the ODD protocol, which allows us to formalize the model so that future independent
replications are able to yield similar results. In addition, we provide results analysis for performance and
statistical alignment for two Heatbugs model replications: 1) a single threaded CPU implementation in C; and,
2) a parallel GPU implementation in OpenCL.