Marco's EEG and Sound Estimulation Project reported on RTP1

"Outras Historias", RTP1 12th March 2019, Report and Interviewed of Marco Miranda at Laseeb-ISR-IST
Added by Agostinho Rosa over 2 years ago

Musician is probably one interesting and close analogy model of scientific researcher a real bridge between art and science.
A musician needs inspiration to compose some new or innovative melody or music that pleases a world community (not only a specific part of it), have to present a finished result/product, likely a plethora of songs to fill a CD-Rom (around minimum 30 minutes of music, sometimes even a complete symphony or opera). All the instruments used chords and rhythm have to be meticulously organized in perfect timing and harmony etc etc
During concerts, one might have to adapt in real-time to the public reaction and probably even some improvisation needed to come out of trouble.
Actually it is harder than scientific research in requirements of personal aptitudes.
Lets welcome musicians to science field, SO ALL THIS IS TO INVITE YOU TO WATCH