• Peripheral Vision

    Intrinsic Peripheral Vision
    new concept and a new index

  • ACM SAC 2017 - CIVIA

    SAC 2017 Webpage

  • Aquaria

    Powerful tool promises to change the way scientists view proteins
    Embargoed until 0600 AEDT 30 January 2015

    Life scientists now have access to a publicly available web resource that streamlines and simplifies the process of gleaning insight from 3D protein structures. Known as Aquaria (, the powerful tool is announced today in Nature Methods....

  • LAIS 1

    This is the original LAIS project from 2008/2009. It is a transparently multithreaded 2D agent-based simulator based on RepastJ.

    We have picked up the available code and models from that time and made them public under the GPLv3 license in 2013. The code and models are partially working as this is probably not the last stable release of the time. Improvements are welcome....

  • LaSEEB

    LaSEEB (Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab) has developed its research activity since November 1995 in the areas of Biomedical Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Systems, among others. The laboratory is located in the North Tower of the IST, and is associated with the ISR....

    • SAC CIVIA 2013

      Special Track on the Computational Intelligence and Video & Image Analysis (CIVIA)

    • Somnium

      Somnium is a software platform for Signals Processing, build on dotnet and C#. It is specialized for Sleep and EEG applications with three main properties: it is user friendly for routine use in Clinical Labs and Hospitals, it is tailored for Education and Training and finaly it is powered for Research purposes....

  • McGEA

    Melody composition by Genetic Algorithm (GA) (Ref: ICEC 2000 AGMusic P~paper)
    Personal choice of GA and Music Theory (MT) parameters
    Selection of melodies generated
    Music arrangements based on the melodies chosen
    Happy McGEAing

    Purpose: McGEA CD online album edition...

  • NeuroFeedback

    A non-invasive and affordable tool in Neuro Modultation, still with not well understood physiological background.
    The project aims to dig deeper in the working principles of NF and its applications in Performance Enhancement and Clinical Therapy.

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