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EEG Neurofeedback on Short Term Memory and Peripheral Vision and Prediction of EEG Learning

11/25/2016 05:37 PM

EEG neurofeedback can help individuals learn to self-regulate their brain activities and has been shown benefits in health and performance enhancement. This thesis aims to first utilize neurofeedback training for improving short term memory and peripheral vision, which are indispensable brain functions but find no successful

Neurofeedback na Reabilitação do AVC

12/15/2016 09:41 AM

Uma em cada seis pessoas em todo o Mundo irá sofrer um AVC ao longo da sua vida e em
Portugal, é uma das principais causas de morte. As sequelas de um AVC têm uma grande repercussão na qualidade de vida dos doentes e elevado encargo financeiro e social.

Dynamic Range of Neurofeedback

01/27/2017 07:41 PM

Neurofeedback (NF) is an operant conditioning that allows subjects to control their brain activity.
Regardless of the abandonment of the first years, recently the scientific community has presented a
renewed interest in NF. One of the technologies most commonly used to perform NF is the